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Certification Process

"Certified Professional Facilitator" -  IAF-CPF ©

Facilitation is a rapidly expanding, worldwide profession that plays a key role in helping shape the world we live in. Today, facilitation plays a vital part in the workings of businesses, governments, and communities across the globe. With facilitation cast in such an important leadership role, a very important question arises: how does an organization assess the capability of the facilitator they hire to do the job?

As early as 1998, IAF recognized that there was no clear way for clients to assess the capability of those who offered facilitation services. With facilitation becoming a crucial tool for accelerating productivity and strategic alignment in organizations, a reliable and accurate assessment tool was needed. IAF, a worldwide professional body established to promote, support and advance the art and practice of professional facilitation, sought to answer that need. A worldwide team of dedicated IAF members identified the core facilitation competencies required for skillful facilitation of meetings and workshops, and upon those core competencies, the IAF assessment based certification program was created.

IAF now takes pride in offering the IAF Facilitator Certification program to facilitators all over the world.

  • Assessments in core facilitation competencies are offered in all IAF regions with the number of offerings based upon demand.  See the most current schedule for the nearest certification nearest you.
  • For additional information on our certification program, please read the Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

A Brief Overview of the Facilitator Certification Process

  • The process begins when you receive your IAF Facilitator Certification Information/Application packet. Within the packet you will find a complete Process Overview, information on the core competencies, and all the application materials and information needed, including the cost.
  • Your first step toward certification begins with the completion of an application and the payment of an application fee. This is followed by the submission of a resume, and evidence of your professional training and experience.
  • Two Accredited Assessors are assigned to each candidate.
  • These assessors review the application documents for evidence of professional experience and the facilitator competencies. 
  • Successful candidates are then invited to an "Assessment Day" for further testing and demonstration of their skills against the competencies.

During the Assessment Day, candidates:

  • Are interviewed by his/her assigned assessors to further explore and test their application.
  • Conduct a practical workshop on a preselected issue. This workshop is designed to evaluate the candidate’s practical capabilities in working with the core competencies and is presented for their assigned assessors and other independent assessors.
  • Are provided a final interview and feedback session with their assigned assessors after which candidates are informed of the outcome of their application for certification. 

For more information about the certification process, please read IAF-CPF Certification Process Overview and the Facilitator Core Competencies.

What’s in it for you?

As a successful certification candidate you will:

  • Receive a certificate that entitles you to use the IAF designation: Certified Professional Facilitator©
  • Test your facilitation skills against a set of professionally developed competencies recognized by your peers.
  • Receive individual and confidential feedback from independent professional facilitators.
  • Join a respected and developing group of professional facilitators.
  • Gain competitive advantage by being listed on the IAF Website as a CPF, a Certified Professional Facilitator©

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