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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I be certified?

IAF holds certification events all over the world.   Please check our Certification News on this website where you will always find our latest event schedule. 

Want to certify closer to home?  Don’t hesitate to let the Program Administrator know if you believe you have several candidates for certification in close proximity to one another.  That is the way that local events begin! In the meantime, check the IAF website frequently for updated event information or contact the Program Administrator for more information on upcoming events.

When is the next certification scheduled?       

Our certification calendar is updated constantly. Your best source of current event information is the IAF website or an email to our  Program Administrator.

The cost of the certification process is US $1,500.00 payable at the time of application. Current IAF membership is required for certification. Candidates are expected to cover the cost of transport to the event location, and any lodging/food for overnight stays.  We provide light breakfast and lunch for all candidates on the event day. 

We also require that you include a recent photo with your application.

How long does it take to certify?

The certification process begins when you download your IAF Facilitator Certification Application/Information packet. This packet can be acquired by contacting the Program Administrator. You will find that the application packet contains complete certification information including a Process Overview, which takes you step by step through the certification process. This process generally spans several months due to the necessity of allowing time for candidates to book plane reservations to travel to the Assessment Center.  Once at the Center, the process takes one full day.  Candidates typically arrive the day prior to the assessment, and depart in the evening following the assessment.

How much experience do I need to certify? 

You will be asked to provide an overview of seven sessions you've facilitated (as lead facilitator) within the past three years and you will be expected to provide examples of how you apply the core competencies in your work. The certification process is meant to assess competency in a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge required to successfully facilitate a variety of basic sessions and display the basic set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors that facilitators must have in order to be successful facilitating in a wide variety of environments. For more information on facilitator competencies, please see Core Facilitator Competencies © IAF™ 2003, available in the certification Application/Information packet.

Is training part of the certificate process? 

Certification is not a "training" process, but an event at which experienced facilitators display the basic set of skills, knowledge and behaviors outlined in the Core Facilitator Competencies.  We assume that candidates for certification have adequate training and/or experience prior to application. 

Who do I contact regarding certification?  Where do I send my Application?

Please contact the  Program Administrator for certification information. The application/information materials are available immediately via email. If you decide to apply, your application materials will be returned as an email attachment at the same email address.

When must I submit my application and still make my desired event?

Applications are typically closed two months prior to a specific event.  Deadlines for application are frequently posted on the IAF website, but if not, contact the  Program Administrator for an exact deadline date.

Can my assessment be scheduled for a specific day of my choice?

We try to honor requests for date and location on a first come/first serve basis when at all possible.  Please make any preference known when you email your application.

We have several facilitators at my location or in my vicinity who would like to certify.  Can we hold a certification at my location?

Yes!  We will be happy to talk with you about arranging a "private" or "semi-private" event for groups who have six or more qualified facilitators to certify.  We can hold these events on your premises or in a location in the vicinity.  These local assessments provide the benefit of reduction in travel time, and a shorter total time in which to complete the entire certification process.

What happens on the assessment day?

The assessment day starts with a light breakfast for candidates and assessors at 8am and a formal briefing at 8:30am.  Between 9am and 10:45am the candidates will undergo a 30-minute interview with their two assigned assessors.  Between 11:15am and 4:15pm the candidates will run their workshops, with each candidate being a participant in 5 other workshops.  After this there is a debrief for the day, and then the candidates will undergo another 30 minute interview with their assigned assessors, at the end of which they are given their result and offered immediate verbal feedback.  Full written feedback will be sent after the assessment, regardless of the result.  Candidates should assume that they will be at the assessment venue from 8am until 7pm, although some candidates may finish slightly earlier.