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CPF Testimonials

What People Say About IAF Certification

Most IAF-CPF©s  look back on the certification experience with appreciation.    

Wayne Vick, CPF©    Executive Facilitator, Center of Excellence and Leadership in Facilitation
"I have been a facilitator for nearly 12 years. Last year I went through the IAF Facilitator Certification process and was awarded the CPF designation. Since I started on the certification path my business has grown markedly. Not because I do anything differently now, although I did learn a lot during the five months I worked on it, but because having that independent "seal of professionalism" sets me apart from many of my competitors here in Washington DC. I apply what I learn and keep learning. Because of that my clients are my best marketing tool and my CPF designation is a significant difference when it comes to closing on a contract."

Bess de Farber CPF©  President/Chief ASKer,    ASK, Associates Sharing Knowledge, Inc.
"The field of facilitation is increasingly viewed as a key organizational development component, without which organizations and sub-groups perform below capacity. Through the certification designation, IAF has provided me with an open door to educate  those familiar with the skill but not the career or the defined competencies required to perform at above average expectations. The question  generated by the designation: "What is a professional facilitator?" creates the vessel into which new information can flow. Thanks for defining the path!"

Maria Birkhead CPF©,  President of Idea-Catchers, Inc., says,
"After becoming certified I've noticed that I have more confidence in my skills as a facilitator. The feedback from the certification assessors was excellent. It really helped me get in touch with my own abilities. It is good to have confirmation of the value of your work."  

Lynda Lieberman Baker CPF©,   President of MeetingSolution, Inc. shares Maria’s view
"I appreciated the opportunity to get feedback from colleagues who were evaluating my work against a set of standards. It was a good experience for me to give my reasons for saying and doing the things that I did in my role play as well as in my application. It also gave me a renewed sense of confidence and reassurance - being affirmed by my colleagues - and also required me to stretch to demonstrate all the competencies."

Becky Roberts, CPF©   Washington DC certification event, December 2002
On the process of certification, " Going through the certification process with an Ascent group put together by the Mid Atlantic Facilitators Network was fun. We shared ideas, groans, laughs and food as we supported each other through the process. The high point on the assessment day was the opportunity to see varying styles and to pick up some great ideas from six other all-star facilitators. It was great to get well thought out feedback from the assessors -- it's rare that a facilitator gets candid feedback about their facilitation process from someone qualified to provide it!"

Becky continues from the client perspective, "In today's fast paced business environment, customers cannot afford to make mistakes when they hire facilitators to assist them with critical business issues. My customers know that they are hiring quality, that they are making a low-risk decision that will yield measurable results, when they hire me or one of the other CPFs on our team."