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Certification News

IAF Facilitator Certification NEWS 

Certification Momentum Continues to Grow!

  As the number of IAF Certified Professional Facilitators grows, it is becoming increasingly clear that the CPF© credential has a high value from a market viewpoint. CPFs indicate that they are experiencing a very real financial benefit from the CPF credential. 

Maria Birkhead CPF   sees the credential earning her more business.  "The IAF credentials have made such a difference in my approach with clients.  I find myself recommending my services as a facilitator more often and getting more work!"  

Lynda Lieberman Baker CPF   believes that professional certification benefits our profession as a whole.  "There is a very real benefit in the visibility the credential brings to our profession."    

The facilitation competency set is viewed as the central driver for project team collaboration, as indicated by David Spann CPF, MBA Director at  Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  "I am totally convinced that the competencies required of a CPF are the ones most needed in the corporate collaborative environment, and the ones which will allow project managers the ability to stay in scope, on budget and within pre-set time frames." 

These benefits go straight to the bottom line in organizations where a week’s delay on a project can mean a missed market opportunity.  As a result, the IAF and certification volunteers are seeing a definite increase in interest from public and private entities for certification information, competency models, and certification of training curricula. Momentum is clearly growing, and now is a great time for you to become a part of it!


Congratulations New IAF-CPFs!


Hearty IAF congratulations to our nine (9) new IAF-CPFs, certified in Orlando, Florida on April 7th & 8th, 2014

Carol Chase, CPF, U.S. Bank
Martin Farrell, CPF, Get2thepoint
Kenneth C. Friedel, CPF, Kennedy and Coe, LLC
Janet Fligge, CPF, U.S. Bank    
Jon Hockman, CPF, The D3Group, LLC   
Judyth Kembabazi Nasimolo, CPF, Standard Chartered Bank (U) Ltd.   
Lorie Spence, CPF, Bridge Medical Communications
Rangineh Azimzadeh Tosang, CPF    
Sandra M. Wood, CPF, CAE USA – Defence and Security


Hearty IAF congratulations to our eight (8)  new IAF-CPFs, certified in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on October 24th and 25th, 2013!

Jonathan Bell, CPF, Prismatic Solutions 
Rebecca Sutherns, CPF, Sage Solutions 
Marie-Lauren Gregoire, CPF, MLG Creative Communications
Klajda Gega CPF, ICA Associates
Susan Billington, CPF, The Law Society of Alberta
Francisco Padron Gil, CPF, IMAC-Madre Tierra
Mara Svenne, CPF, Mackenzie Investments
Lorraine Kochut, CPF, Kochut Consulting

Hearty IAF congratulations to our fifteen(15 )  new IAF-CPFs, certified in Tokyo, Japan on September 17th, 18th and 20th, 2013!

Akira Yamazaki, CPF,Tokyo Electric Power Company 
Tadashi Hirai, CPF, FFE Okinawa 
Yuta Uwai, CPF, Future Sessions Inc. 
Katsuhiko Sakamoto, CPF, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Japan Branch 
Kimiko Kato, CPF, With Associates Inc. 
Tomoatsu Horibe, CPF, Sunao.Asia
Frieda Lin, CPF, OPEN QUEST Facilitation Technology 
Tatsuya Yamada, CPF, INDEE Japan 
Pi Wen Hsueh, CPF, CP Yen Foundation 
Lawrence Philbrook, CPF, Institute of Cultural Affairs Taiwan/Open Quest Technology 
Sumiyo Shiina, CPF, Good Sport Company 
Natsu Iwaki, CPF, Qualia, Inc. 
Yasuo Horiguchi, CPF, C-Mine
Arifumi Inoue, CPF, Success Point Co., Ltd.
Kohei Onozawa, CPF, Yahoo Japan Corporation

 Hearty IAF congratulations to our twenty-two(22 )  new IAF-CPFs, certified in Orlando, Florida on June 5th and 6th, 2013!

Betsy Arnette, CPF, MYAR Solutions  
Maxine Attong, CPF, Guardian General Company Limited 
Elena Wallén Björkenäng, CPF, FMV        
Nathaniel Cadwell, CPF, Lifehand, LLC        
Jeanette DeRosario, CPF, Online Business Systems       
Donna Maria Ennis, CPF, Georgia Institute of Technology       
Scott Ferguson, CPF, Progress Consulting        
Anna Fundin, CPF, FMV        
Christina Bysell Hamrin,CPF, FMV        
Jason Irvin, CPF, PM Alliance        
Jon Jorgenson,CPF, Mitchell International        
Joshua Keller,CPF, PM Alliance        
Melissa Ladd,CPF, The Baldwin Group        
Carol Lippincott,CPF, Florida LLC        
Sian Madden,CPF, Blue Mouse Consulting LLC        
Charles "Corky" McReynolds,CPF, Team Lead Consulting   
Valerie Patrick,CPF, Bayer Material Science        
Peter Rindeborn,CPF, FMV        
Paul Stern,CPF, PRiSm Facilitation Services        
Patrick Tallarico,CPF, Enventive Consulting LLC        
Rosanna von Sacken,CPF, Advanced Consulting and Facilitation Ltd.     
Erika Wettergreen,CPF, Marstel-Day, LLC

We are delighted to welcome:Hearty IAF congratulations to our five (5)  new IAF-CPFs, certified in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 22, 2013! We are delighted to welcome:

Edson Sérgio Correia, CPF, Process

Fabrice Gribon, CPF, Sanofi

Elisabeth (Lisa) Hamling, CPF, Centigo AV
Christina Hogan, CPF, Lorensbergs Organisationakonsulter
Neil Oliver, CPF, Oliver Barclay Partnership


Hearty IAF congratulations to our four (4)  new IAF-CPFs, certified in Rossum, The Netherlands, May 22, 2013! We are delighted to welcome:

Jacqueline Brouwer, CPF, AgentschapNL 

Laura ten Ham, CPF, Metaphor    

Judith de Jong-Knabben, CPF, Friesland Campina    

Rob de Reu, CPF, AgentschapNL

Hearty IAF congratulations to our four (4)  new IAF-CPFs, certified in Adelaide, Australia, March 4, 2013! We are delighted to welcome:

Nicholas Housego, CPF, Australian Taxation Office

Donald Jessep, CPF, Profitable Teams

Graham Miller CPF, Slingshot Consulting

Scott Nicol, CPF, Department of Conservation

Upcoming Events  page often for a listing of our IAF Facilitator Certification scheduled events.    We have several events 'in the wings' awaiting confirmation...and announcements will be seen on our website first!  We advise getting your application packet early so that you are prepared when a certification event is scheduled near you.  Please contact the IAF Certification Administrator for a complete Information/Application packet which offers a Process Overview as well as a detailed list of the IAF Foundational Facilitator Competencies upon which our process is based.  We at IAF take great pride in our past the 400 mark worldwide!  We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in an IAF Facilitator Certification event soon!

 Email Communication Note:  We have noticed that many of our potential candidates retain our Application/Information packet in their files for some time.  If you are using the older documents as reference, please note that our email address changed in the late fall and the former address will no longer reach us.  Please check carefully to be sure that you are using the address when contacting us.  We look forward to hearing from you through the new address!

If you and your colleagues or facilitation group would like to consider sponsoring a certification event in your vicinity, please note the following announcement:

Site Selection:    Would you like to certify ‘closer to home’?  We are actively seeking input on site selection!  As we plan our 2012 calendar, we would be delighted to hear from facilitators who might be interested in serving as local coordinators.  If you feel that your area or business offers a possibility of twelve or more certification candidates, we’ll be delighted to talk with you about the possibility of your location as one of our event sites.  If you would be interested in an event in your area, please contact the  Program Administrator for more information. 

For additional information on certification events or an Application/Information packet, please:

Contact the Program Administrator:

Contact IAF for all other inquiries

 Frequently Asked Questions about Certification