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Reasons to Join IAF


  1. Networking
    1. Help, advice, and support from peers and colleagues
    2. Centralized access to members' up-to-date contact info through Online Member Directory
    3. Access to your peers in networks like LinkedIn and Facebook
    4. Access to local chapters (where available)
  2. Personal Development
    1. The respected IAF Journal
    2. Training and development through IAF's conference programs and pre-conference sessions
    3. Access to IAF materials online such as "Facilitation 101"
    4. Access to the Methods Data Base, a source of ideas for every facilitation situation
    5. Member recognition through the use of the IAF logo
    6. Research opportunities
    7. Presenting and publishing opportunities
    8. Notice of employment opportunities
  3. Professional Development
    1. Best Practices
    2. Strategies and models
    3. Resources and technology used in facilitation
    4. Standards, policies, and procedures
    5. Legal issues
    6. Ethical practices
    7. Career information
  4. Certified Professional Facilitator Program (CPF)
    1. Recognized worldwide for its high standards
    2. IAF competencies
    3. Regionally accessible
  5. Membership Features
    1. Enjoy discounted conference rates
    2. Member Listserves on LinkedIn
    3. The IAF's monthly comprehensive newsletter, The Global Flipchart 
    4. Your professional listing in the Find a Facilitator feature of the website
    5. IAF Global website
    6. Special events