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IAF Resources

Welcome to our online guide to facilitation-related tools and resources.


The Global Flipchart - MEMBERS ONLY!  This is the IAF's monthly newsletter.  It provides insight into current topics of discussion, techniques of interest, and coming events.  The current issue is available to all; but previous issues are restricted to Members Only.

The IAF Journal - MEMBERS ONLY!  The Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal is a publication focused on the art and science of group facilitation. Click on this link to learn more about the journal and view past issues. Journal issues 6-10 are available to members and non-members alike in hardcopy from Virtual Bookworm for only US$14.95.

Facilitation Articles - MEMBERS ONLY!  This link contains a series of articles on various facilitation topics.  We would love to add your expertise!  So, if you have articles to share, please send them to

IAF Store- Here is a list of facilitation books recommended by our Members.  Books may be purchased by following the links which take you to  If you would like to add a title to the list, please send the book name and publishing information to

Professional Development Pamphlets - MEMBERS ONLY!  This series has been contributed by facilitators in the European Region.  Each issue, in pdf format, addresses a specific topic of interest within the field of facilitation.  New issues will be added quarterly.

ASQ-IAF Facilitation Primer - MEMBERS ONLY!  Click here to download this wonderful booklet.  It was developed jointly with The Human Leadership and Development Division of the American Society for Quality, The Association for Quality and Participation and The International Association of Facilitators

Portals and Websites - The link contains a starting list of informative facilitation portals and websites which will expand your knowledge.   

Conference Proceedings - MEMBERS ONLY!   We are in process of putting past conference proceedings on the web site.  This will take some time to finish so please be patient and check back regularly!


The IAF Methods Database -  The IAF Methods Database is a resource for facilitators, project and team leaders, and any one using facilitating techniques with groups.  It is located on a different site, so click here to register at the new site and let the fun begin!!

Dotmocracy Handbook- Dotmocracy is an established facilitation method for collecting and prioritizing ideas among a large number of people.  It is an equal opportunity and participatory group decision-making process.

Method of the Month- MEMBERS ONLY!  Each month the European Region publishes a field-tested method for members to try.  So if you're looking for a new tool for your group, check these out.


IAF logo - MEMBERS ONLY!   Here’s a special version of the IAF logo that you can use in your marketing materials.    The logo is available in both color and in black and white, and is in “jpeg” format.

Certified Professional Facilitator Listing- If you are a current Certified Professional Facilitator, your name will be listed on the website on this page.  You may also add information about your credentials and the facilitation you do on the Find a Facilitator page.

IAF Training Directory – Want to grow in your facilitation knowledge and skills?  Here’s a list of companies that can help.

Member Directory  - The Member Directory is an easy way for members to find fellow members in their company or region.  This function requires a login to protect member privacy.


Become an IAF Certified© Professional Facilitator - By completing the IAF Facilitator Certification program, you can join a select group of facilitators. This designation indicates your attainment of the foundational competencies in facilitation. Attaining the IAF Certified© designation demonstrates your level of professionalism and offers clients the assurance that you are qualified to design and provide basic group facilitation services.

Be An Author– IAF needs people who are interested in writing chapters and books. If you’d like to share your experience in print, click here to find out how.

Facilitation Discussion Groups- IAF sponsors English, Spanish and French on-line listservs which are open to anyone. These listservs are intended for sharing among facilitation-oriented professionals and have become valuable resources enabling people for all different industries and roles to dialog over facilitation-related issues and needs.

The Global Facilitator's Service Corps  – This organization channels facilitators to situations where communities need help in recovering from emergencies.  Click here to join the international effort!