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Training Directory

Welcome to the IAF Training Directory 

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your facilitation skills, the Training Directory provides quick access to a host of training vendors with associated information about courses, values, and locations that will make your decision easier.

The IAF provides this directory as an advertising forum for our members. Each of the companies listed here are independent vendors. All listings in the directory are paid listings, with information provided by each training organization. And while we believe in the value of each course listed, the IAF is not able to endorse, sponsor or assure the quality of any programs listed in this directory at this time.

Training sites are listed alphabetically by the name of the organization. Please use your browser's find capability to search by location.

If you would like to add your services to the Training Directory and get immediate exposure world-wide to anyone looking for training on the IAF website for 12 months (plus up to 2 revisions of your listing at no additional charge), please contact us here.  

A Masterful Facilitation Institute by Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc.and Odyssey Leadership Centre




Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia and other major Canadian cities; In-house customized delivery for clients anywhere in Canada; Virtual courses through TeleCalls and Web

 For more info: contact

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Guiding principles/values of the organization:

MASTERFUL FACILITATION is a learning institute offering empowering, engaging and energizing skill building courses so you can facilitate in any setting from team meetings to large group sessions to the virtual environment. We help:

Build Your Confidence & Skill through - The CONFIDENT Facilitator: Essential Skills for Effective Meetings; The AGILE Facilitator: Building Group Consensus Around Issues and Problems; and The VIRTUAL Facilitator: Leading Interactive TeleCalls and Webinars; The ARTFUL VISUAL Facilitator: Bringing Meeting Results to Life with Graphics.

Advance Your Facilitation Mastery through:  The STRATEGIC Facilitator: Aligning Around Vision and Plans; The ENGAGING Facilitator: Conversation Methods for Collaboration and Wise Action; The INSPIRED Facilitator: Achieving Mastery Engaging Organizations and Communities; and The INTERACTIVE Instructor: Best Facilitation Practices for Active Learning.

Visit our website to learn more about our courses, and to register.


Inquiring Dialogue Ltd 

Locations:  Singapore and Asia Pacific

For more info: contact : Mr Ng Choon Seng

Web URL: and

Guiding principles/values of the organization: 

Liberating the Human Spirit
Harnessing the wisdom of the group
Listen to Understand before listening to respond
Meeting and exceeding Client’s expectations
Leading with Integrity
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ICA Associates Inc.



ICA's Technology of Participation (ToP™) is used by professional facilitators around the world to 

• improve communication,

• promote trust,

• forge team spirit, and

• enhance creativity 

with any team, group or organization. 



Join a Group Facilitation Skills course to learn the ToP™ Focused Conversation Method and the Consensus Workshop Method, two of the most powerful methods that any facilitator can use.


Our Meetings That Work course covers best practices in agenda design, event orchestration, and working through difficult situations with over 70 facilitation tools and techniques.


Join our Professional Facilitator Program to learn about and practice all the competencies required for IAF certification, and most of the competencies for ToP certification.



Toronto, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver in Canada

For more info: contact



MGR Consulting, Inc.

Locations:  Our FoCuSeDTM Facilitator Classes are offered publicly in Chicago, IL, Washington, D.C., Austin, TX  and on-site anywhere in the world.

For More Info: Contact Gary Rush, IAF CPF at

Guiding Principles/Values of the Organization:

Gary Rush, IAF CPF and CPF Assessor, heads MGR Consulting, Inc., previously known as MG Rush Systems, Inc.  We are a recognized leader in the field of Facilitation and Facilitator Training since 1985.  We provide the highest quality in training, content, materials, and experience.  We believe that no one person has the answers; we work as a team, learn from each other, and collaborate in everything we do. 

Our FoCuSeDTM TrainingUntil FoCuSeDTM, facilitation techniques have been either about structure or group dynamics.  FoCuSeDTM contains a unique concept for developing workshop agendas with an understanding of the two parallel developments occurring: “the workshop process and emotional group cycle”, that must be holistically planned to achieve useful solutions.  It is not sufficient to select a workshop agenda and then insert exercises in different areas and hope that it works.  Our classes are geared towards all people.  They are effective, comprehensive, and provide a complete set of skills, knowledge, and practice that attendees are able to supply and use immediately upon completion.  Our FoCuSeDTM Facilitator classes support the IAF Core Competencies and what students need to do to achieve them, enabling those people who wish to pursue their IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator (CPF) designation. 

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